If you assume you have got visible enough crazy inside the international, wait for it. Cowl of one of her  YouTube motion pictures — credits: Sitara Yasin's YouTube channel cowl of certainly one of her YouTube movies — credits: Sitara Yasin's YouTube channel there may be a woman in Pakistan named ‘Sitara Yasin’, who has a YouTube channel with around 900k subscribers (at the time of penning this story) and receives millions of views on her films.  You is probably questioning, what’s special in her channel or her vlogs? Properly, she shares her lifestyles with the sector. But what’s unique in her existence, you may ask? Her lifestyles is really greater adventurous and difficult than yours! Her husband married another lady, with out divorcing the primary spouse (Yasin). Wait, there’s extra — the husband has three kids with the primary wife.  He nevertheless determined to marry another time, and his kids had been his guests at his 2d wedding. From her vlogs, you can actually effor