A wake up call Rust is amazing, for specific things. Yet, think long and hard about getting it for a startup that requirements to move quick. The craftsmanship for this post was all produced utilizing DALL-E. I delayed composing this post, since I would rather not start, or get into, a sacred conflict over programming dialects. (Just to move the fire snare, Visual Essential is the best language ever!) However I've had various individuals get some information about my involvement in Rust and whether they ought to get Rust for their ventures. In this way, I might want to share a portion of the upsides and  downsides  that I see of involving Rust in a startup setting, where moving quick and it is truly vital to scale groups. I need to be evident that I am a devotee of Rust for specific things. This post isn't about how Rust is terrible as a language or anything of the sort. What I would like to discuss, notwithstanding, is the manner by which utilizing Rust will without a doubt