Things to Consider Before Heading to a Pawn Shop A pawn shop can be a great place to find a bargain or get a quick loan, but it's important to be informed and prepared before you go. Here are some things to consider before  heading  to a pawn shop. Research the Pawn Shop Before you visit a pawn shop, it's important to research the store and its reputation. Look for reviews online to see what other customers have experienced and how they were treated. You should also make sure that the pawn shop is licensed and operates legally. Determine the Value of Your Items Before you take anything to a pawn shop, you should determine the value of the items you want to sell or pawn. Research the value of similar items online or consult a professional appraiser to get an accurate idea of what your items are worth. This will help you get the best price for your items and avoid being taken advantage of. Know the Loan Terms and Interest Rates If you're considering pawning items for a lo